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Unique Reporting
Online Total Compensation gives you the ability to generate reports that are otherwise impossible to create. As a repository for employee benefit and payroll data that is otherwise in separate databases across external vendors and organizational units, Online Total Compensation can provide a unique insight into your organization.
Designed for Impact
The Home Page is designed to create impact by summarizing the total value of the annual pay and benefits contributed to the employee. In addition, the potential future value of various investment benefits employees receive, such as 401(k), Pension, or Stock Options are demonstrated.
Project Future Wealth
Modeling tools are provided to employees to assist them in projecting the future value of various retirement and savings plans, such as their 401(k).
Targeted Communication
Design your site with the flexibility to deliver content and layouts that are customized to various segments of your workforce. For example, executives can have a specialized look and feel, with content detailing benefits offered exclusively to them.
Dynamic Charts
Include any number of customized charts to illustrate and emphasize the total value of an employee’s compensation package.

Localize Content

All content on the site can be localized for a multi-lingual workforce.