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Our Online Total Compensation solution was built with security as a first priority.

Highly secure encryption standards are used at all points in the data flow, from the web client connection which uses 128-bit HTTPS/SSL to the database where all employee data is stored as encrypted values. This means that even in the unlikely event that access to our network is gained, all that will be seen is garbled, unintelligible characters.

Application Security
Uses 128-bit HTTPS/SSL for web client connections with all company and employee data encrypted with RSA, DSA, PBE or DH 64/128-bit key algorithms in the database and at all points in the data update process.
Fast Implementation
XML schema allows for fast, easy deployment of even the most highly customized client data.
Data Interface
Flexible data interface can transform data from nearly any data format into our XML based data structure.
Superior Technology
Our products are built using best of breed open source frameworks and software. By utilizing open source Java™ solutions, we benefit from the skills of thousands of programmers and end users, while remaining a cost effective company. This gives us the ability to deliver world-class solutions that are unmatched in the marketplace at exceptionally affordable prices.
Hosted Solution
As a hosted solution you save the cost of acquiring, maintaining, and securing the technical infrastructure necessary for a highly available web application – allowing you to focus on your core competencies.
Web Browser Independent
Web client runs on all modern web browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer™, Mozilla Firefox™, Apple Safari™).